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Painfully honest

Let me be painfully honest about my dating life…

The number of guys that I have dated could be counted on two hands. This fact never really upset me because I always held onto the belief that I just needed to meet “the one.”It wasn’t important to me to be filled with thousands of stories about bad dates. I just wanted the one great story–one story for one right guy.

Well, I’m starting to lose hope. Will I ever have one great story with one great guy? Does that guy even exist for me? I question all of it. My history doesn’t give me any hope for the future.

Yet, I know that I need to stay positive. I am told again and again that I need to put out positive energy to attract a guy. It sounds good, but I don’t know if I believe it. I don’t know what I believe in right now. The only thing that I believe is that my parents made love and commitment seem too easy to me. Ugh!!


One comment on “Painfully honest

  1. Rachael

    I have felt this way forever and I only have like two fingers to count…:/…my dilemma is that I get to the point of liking someone and wonder if it really is worth all the trouble. I had a thought yesterday though is it really harder to stay single and try not to like someone or easier to like someone and go with the flow of life…:(…still doesn’t help anything!!!!!!!

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