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Trying something new

Yesterday as I was cleaning out a knitting project bag, I came across an old fortune cookie fortune:

“Tomorrow is a good day for trying something new.”

Hmm…so many “new” things for me to try.  I could try a new food, new exercise, or even a new movie.  However, all of those options seemed flat and meaningless.  I wanted to try something harder and scarer for myself…

Today, I tried to have faith in others.  

For some people this would be very easy, but for me, it isn’t.  Of all my wonderful qualities, trusting people isn’t one of them. It is very hard for me to trust in the words that people say to me.  I am always preparing myself to be disappointed by them. It isn’t fair, though.  Most of the time my fear of disappointment is from past actions with different people.  New people in my life are often saddled with the baggage of old friends.

Today, I decided to change that.  I begin the day with a morning meditations focused on opening my heart.  It really helped.  Within a few hours of being awake, I was surprised by one friend.  Then as the evening began, I was being to lose faith and pull out the old baggage.  I stopped myself by sitting down for a 5 minutes of meditation, and I was able to adjust my outlook.  Again within a short period of time, I found myself pleasantly surprised by someone’s action.  People can really surprise if you let them, which I usually don’t.  Regardless, the lesson that I learned today was to have faith in what people say; if given their own time, they are less likely to disappoint.


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