crossing the finish line


My mom was a fashionista.  Throughout my childhood I remember that my mom always look wonderful.  When she left the house, she was put together from head to toe.  I … Continue reading

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The last two months I have forgotten about my goals.  It has still been a happy time, but it has been confusing and unbalanced.  So I loved when I came … Continue reading

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Light a candle

I just wished that I had brought a glassybaby with me.  If you’re not familiar with glassybaby, then you need to be.  It is the most amazing company. I had … Continue reading

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Faith There’s a hurricane of historic size headed towards the east coast–from North Carolina to New England. While I am safe and sound in Memphis, many of my dear friends … Continue reading

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Sunrise, Sunset

This morning the sun rose on me spending a few more hours with some of the most amazing and inspiring women that I have ever met. Like flying in plane, … Continue reading

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Oh Sandy…

Today was an amazing day with the Women on Fire retreat.  So inspiring…so much support. However, I am focused on Sandy…Hurricane Sandy.  She headed to the east coast and will … Continue reading

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My life…right now

This image describes my life right now.  It’s everything and nothing.  Sorry but I can’t say more.  I promise that next week I will have more to stay.  Good night.

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Two steps back, one step forward

Another Whittaker family trait  is being a perfectionist. Today I spent most of the day ripping out and re-knitting the front of my current sweater.  Somehow I managed knit half … Continue reading

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Family Traits

This week I’m in Chicago…sort of.  Right now, I’m out in one of the suburbs spending time with my uncle, and then later this week I head downtown for the … Continue reading

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Ideas but no energy

Today I seem to be filled with ideas…good ideas…writing ideas…travel ideas…general world domination kind of ideas.  Unfortunately I am not filled with energy, but I am filled with optimism.  Happy … Continue reading

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