crossing the finish line

New Year’s Eve

Today I head home after a week of vacation in Orlando.  It’s October now…autumn…three months left in 2012.  How did that happen?  Where did my year go?

Anyway, at the beginning of the week Jamie posed an interesting question:

What do you want to make happen before that New Year’s Ball drops in three months?

It’s like a New Year’s resolution in reverse.  It’s a chance to end 2012 without any regrets or disappointments.  So where do I begin.  Jamie suggested:

What is one really, tiny, small thing I can cross off my list now? 

Start small.  It will feel good when you complete and cross it off that darn list! And that good feeling will carry you into your next thing to do and cross off the list, and the next, next, next.

Hmm…small baby steps to make the end of 2012 awesome…that’s tough.  This past year has marked such a change within me.  Most of those changes have been captured here on this daily blog of ramblings.  So my first step is to take a moment to look back at what I have written.  It will give me a chance to catalog what I have accomplished and hopefully inspire my plans for next year.


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