crossing the finish line

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

The whimsy of my vacation week is beginning to wear off.  Reality is sinking back in.

Yet, there are still wishes in my heart.  Fear keeps me from stating these wishes out loud because I worry that means that they won’t come true. Instead I hold them tightly in my heart and meditate on them daily. Some days, like today, this exercise brings tears to my eyes — tears of both doubt and possibility.  These moments remind me that I still need to work on my multitasking skills.  I’m so focused on making one dream a reality that I don’t take the steps to make the other one happen.  Does this mean that the other dream isn’t important? I wish that I had an answer for that question.  Instead, I remain conflicted about the choices that I must make and the next steps to take.

I could use a Magic Eight ball right now…

Decisions are mounting.  I sit paralyzed with doubt and fear.  The luxury of choices.  It’s a luxury that I wish that I didn’t have at tim

es.  Of course I know that I would complain if I didn’t have the choices that I do have.  Maybe I just want the easy way out.  Of course I do.  I always do…well, not always.  Right now I do.

A leap of faith…

The two choices both require a leap of faith.  The right choice is based on me knowing what I truly want in my heart of hearts and allowing myself to be vulnerable enough to go after it.  Vulnerable isn’t something that I do well.  I’m sure that everyone could say that, but how many people could say that they broke down in tears over a tequila tasting about being vulnerable?  Faith, vulnerability and being honest.  These three traits aren’t my strengths, well maybe being honest but not with myself.

So where does that leave me…

Pictures.  Like yesterday I find myself looking back at images of my younger self.  I’m an awe of the young woman that I see in the pictures.  She’s fearless in a way that I can’t imagine.  Her entire life is ahead of her, and she still believes that life just happens without work.  Now I know that life takes work.  I just wish that I could just “wish upon a star.”

A lesson from a somewhat princess…

“It serves me right for wishing on stars. The ONLY way to get what you want in this world is through hard work.” — Tiana from The Princess and the Frog


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