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Glad that it’s Saturday

Saturdays are difficult days for me when it comes to blogging. Usually there isn’t much to discuss. When I’m home in DC, Saturdays are about household chores or hanging out with friends. Yet as it’s November, the idea of gratitude is present all around me. So I thought that it would be a wonderful exercise for me to spend every Saturday until the end of the year stating one thing that I am grateful for. So here we go…

This Saturday I am grateful for my dog Lola. It isn’t just her excitement and love every time I come home, but her personality. She has more personality than she should at times. One of the ways she expresses herself is the “walk” down the hallway after coming in. Most evenings I take her leash off in the elevator, so she can freely walk down the hall at her own pace. Some nights it’s a causal stroll, and other nights, like tonight, it’s a full run. And she really expresses her independence, when I try to call her back to me at the other end of the hall. Tonight, unlike other nights, she simply sat down outside our door and waited for me to walk towards her. She can be so stubborn. However I am grateful for a dog that is clever and independent because I know that she really loves me when she curls up next to me.


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