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Yes, the handbag is a…

I love handbags…

No, I have a serious love of designer handbags.  It isn’t criminal, but it’s pretty intense especially compare to my other friends.  The thrill of purchasing the new “it” bag that no one else has always brings a small smile to my face.  Beyond that, I love a beautiful handbag.  I can think of the time and energy that goes into designing and making…it’s mind-blowing.

Anyway, most of my friends know that I collect designer bags, and there’s no judgement.  Yet there are times when I feel bad about my collection.  I feel guilty because I spend the money that I do on these items.  There’s a rational part of me that knows that I shouldn’t.  Yet, it doesn’t change my feelings.

Today at brunch I felt that same awkwardness when my friend suggested that I host a party to show my collection of handbags.  She’s a direct person, and she sees nothing negative about how I spend my money.  Yet, I felt like she was asking me to brag about my collection.  It’s silly…


4 comments on “Yes, the handbag is a…

  1. stacy

    I get a little flack from co-workers on occasion for buying stuff too. Usually shoes. I just consider it a benefit of being a DINK that I can afford more stuff. I do think the handbag show off party is kind of a weird idea for a party though.

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