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Enough Already

I’m so excited about my latest piece to my art collection. It was done by Deborah Kass, whose work comes pop culture, art history and the self. This piece, Enough Already, is part of Feel Good Paintings For Feel Bad Times.

For me, this piece is a reminder about knowing when to stop. I don’t always consider myself the most motivated person in the world. Most of the time I can be pretty laid-back about things. However when I decide that I want something, watch out world. Suddenly I will stop at nothing to get it. I can be pushy, bitchy and downright unpleasant to anyone who stand in my way. This piece reminds me that it’s “Enough Already” and I need to take a break.

This piece also reminds me when to end my pouting or moping. There are times when I worry that one of my actions might have ruin something for myself or my friends. I can easily fall into a pit of despair about it. This neon reminder serves to remind me that it’s “Enough Already” with the feeling bad about myself. It’s time to dust myself off and more forward.


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