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There were many beautiful talks at TEDx Women.  One that stands out to me was given by Elizabeth Lindsey (link to video).  She spoke about the power in feeling lost.

It isn’t a feeling that is celebrated in American culture.  You’re always suppose to know where you’re headed both physically and spirituality.  Yet, Lindsey spoke about the traditional Polynesian navigators who only used the sun, moon and stars to find their way in the ocean.

I can only imagine being out to sea and being lost.  You finally figure out what direction you should head in, but then comes a storm.  The storm knocks you around and spins you so many times that when it’s over you are lost again. Once the waters calm and the sky clears, you begin again on trying to find your path home.  That’s what my life has felt like.  I began heading in one direction with the greatest confidence, but a storm comes.  It shakes me to my core, and I’m left dazed and confused.  After a period of time things calm down, but I’m lost again. I am forced to look to the heavens to for clues on what direction is my way home.

Right now, I am looking to the heavens for answers.  I’m reading the stars, moon and sun.  The answers are not coming as quickly as I would like, yet they will come.  There is something powerful happening in my life, despite my feeling lost.


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