crossing the finish line


I’m not a fan of monogamy…


1. Marriage with only one person at time
2. The practice of having only one mate
3. The practice of marrying only once during life

…when it comes to knitting.

In the knitting community, there’s often discussion about whether people are monogamous knitters, working on only one project from start to finish, or not. I don’t. I did when I first began knitting. There was a sense of magic starting with a skein of yarn and working with it day after day until it became a hat, scarf or baby booties.

Then something happened and that magic was gone. The new magic was the excitement of beginning a new project. Some of those projects would be quickly completed, while others were abandoned into my crafting closet.

This year was focused on reconnecting myself to the join of completing projects. Whether I began them in 2012 or many years ago, I want to see them through to their end. From the knitting standpoint, I have been very successful in this task. As we get closer and closer to 2013, I am trying to develop strategies to help me take my newly found wisdom with me, so I’m beginning with my knitting.

This picture below is my newest project. I just started it a few days ago, and I’m determined not to start anything else for myself before I finish it. Full Disclosure:I did knit a teddy bear for a charity last knit, but it is complete except for the stuffing and eyes which will be picked up when I return home after Christmas. I think that this is the perfect project to challenge myself to keep this approach to knitting for a few reasons:

1. It’s an easy, somewhat boring pattern which is both good and bad
2. The finished garment is a scarf that I have been wanting for a couple of years
3. The yarn is a limited edition colorway inspired by the British royal wedding.

I’m pretty optimistic about my success with this challenge. Keep your fingers crossed though.



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