crossing the finish line

2013 in a word

Capturing one word for all of 2013 was a bit of a challenge.  There are so many words to choose from in the English language and so many floating around in my head.

Love    Purpose    Courage    Trust    Acceptance    Balance    Compassion

Which one to choose?  I decided to turn to Carrie Saba and her Word of the Year Companion Guide.  The guide helps you to refocus your brain and silent your inner critic to allow you to discover your word. So I did the exercises and I discovered my word for 2013: Acceptance.  Once you find your word, Carrie encourages you to take time to define what the word means to you and how will you make it a part of your daily life with specific inspired actions.

What does Acceptance mean to me in 2013? It means accepting myself just as I am (being my own Mark Darcy) and accepting my life without comparison to others.  Acceptance is a strong and silent action that does not require any declarations.  It’s about being at peace with my reality, but still allowing myself room to dream for more in my life.  It encourages me to stop rushing around and take a moment to be grateful for what I have in my life.  Acceptance challenges me to love myself and not judging and criticizing myself.

Continuing with my commitment to The Shutter {Lady} Bug January 2013 Challenge, here’s me pictured with my word as today’s theme was “You with the word that you hope 2013 will be.”



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