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Too soon for Valentine’s Day

While the Feast of the Epiphany, also known as Three Kings, was two days ago, it marks the end of Christmas season. Now, I was not familiar with this part of the Christmas season until my visit to southern Spain a few years ago.  We went down a few days after the New Year.  My friend and I were surprised to see all the holiday decorations still up.  However it makes sense to leave up decorations until the end of the season, but it’s now January 8th.  Some of the local businesses in Old Town Alexandria still have their decorations up.  I wonder if they just feel like it’s too soon to put up their Valentine’s Day window or don’t have anything to put up for the month of January.

So with continued commitment to The Shutter {Lady} Bug January 2013 Challenge, today’s theme is Remaining Christmas Decors on the street. 

photo 2-28


2 comments on “Too soon for Valentine’s Day

  1. stacye

    There are lots of lights & decor still up in my ‘hood. Which actually surprises me as I thought the neighborhood association would be strict about that. My tree is still up. Naked, but still standing. I was at Target yesterday and they were putting out swimsuits.

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