crossing the finish line


And that’s all for January…

Wow!! I can’t believe how fast this month has flown by. It feels like I was just ringing in the new year with fireworks in Epcot.

Here’s what I can say so far about 2013:
*Thanks to the 7minute delay in the New Years fireworks, I have been late more than I usually am, at least that’s my excuse.
*My fitness goals have not received my full attention and energy. February feels like a good time to change that.
*The photo a day has helped me some with writing content for the blog. It has given me an out from writing at all. Hmm…
*I feel in desperate need of a travel adventure, but I can’t seem to settle on anything and make a commitment.
*I’m a year older, and I can feel it in the wisdom of my decisions, even if it take a bit of time to get there.
*Thankfully I might be a year older, but no one seems to think that I look it. Yay!!
*The challenges and setbacks of the past month can be overcome in the future, and I feel optimistic about the future.

January has been promising.

Life isn’t perfect, but everything is getting better. My life keeps moving forward. I have taken the steps to get closer to making my dreams a reality. Some of those steps are baby steps and others are huge leaps. Either way it’s very promising all of the wonderful things that 2013 will bring me.

Continuing with my commitment to The Shutter {Lady} Bug January 2013 Challenge

Today’s Theme: You plus the word that described January



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