crossing the finish line

Upside down

Sometimes I see the world upside down. Good is bad Bad is good Most of the time I’m aware of my upside view of the world, yet I’m am unable … Continue reading

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Remembering the happy times

Day 27: Playing These images were taking last fall when I was visiting Orlando. It’s my favorite place to play. I so wish that I was there right now. Digital … Continue reading

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Day 26: Quiet Quiet is good. Quiet can be powerful. Quiet in the morning offers me a chance to think and plan for the day, week, month, and future. The … Continue reading

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And I cross off one goal from 2013 list

How fitting is it that today’s photo topic relates to the bedroom because I am so looking forward to curling up in my bed tonight. Ahh…sleep in one’s own bed … Continue reading

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Floating on a cloud

It’s Sunday night and the weekend is coming to a end. I’m floating on a cloud. It has been amazing. However I must remind myself that this weekend isn’t the … Continue reading

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Push through

Day 23: A word Continuing the weekly post of gratitude, I am grateful for a garage can in Tomorrowland of the Magic Kingdom. PUSH While sitting and waiting for the … Continue reading

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Away we go

Day 22: Makes you smile — Here are the plane tickets for the guy and I to spend the weekend in Orlando. This is our first trip together; does that … Continue reading

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Two full glasses of water

Day 21: Full I can’t believe how perfect today’s photo topic is for me.  There are so many things that can be “full” — containers, glasses, hearts and minds.  Right … Continue reading

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Baking in socks

Day 20: Where you stood — In my kitchen baking in my hand-knitted socks.   Hmm…a day of baking lots of banana bread…

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Shiny objects

Day 19: I am… easily distracted. Unlike yesterday, today has been more chaotic. I spent today working on several projects, but not completing any of them. Exhausting! It’s time to … Continue reading

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