crossing the finish line

Stopping to smell the roses

Day 5: Something you smelled

I’m not great with living things. Lola and I work because she reminds me when I haven’t fed her, but plants are a completely different thing. We could spend hours talking about all the various house-plants that I have killed over the years. I’m great with cut flowers. I love cut flowers arranged for me.

Wonderful luxury for myself…

H.Bloom delivers beautifully arranged flowers to me every week. It’s one of my greatest luxuries. Flowers aren’t required for life, but they bring so much joy to it. Today’s arrangement even reminded me of an important life lesson, “Stop and smell the roses.”

Too often I find myself rushing ahead instead of enjoying the moment. It’s one characteristic that I like least about myself. I envy those people who can truly be happy in the moment without thinking about what will happen next. I wish that I could submit completely to the joy that I feel in my heart right now. Everything in my life is so good right now, and I feel that I’m doing a horrible job of savoring the moments.

Hopefully these beautiful flowers will remind me to appreciate the happiness that I have right now. Tomorrow will come soon enough…



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