crossing the finish line


Wonder Woman has super strength

Elastigirl has elasticity

Phoenix has telepathic and telekinetic powers

I too have a superpower…An Overactive Imagination! Unfortunately I haven’t learned how to use it. An overactive imagination can be a great power. It can create entire worlds like J.K. Rowling did with the world of Harry Potter. In my case, I create alternate realities in my head where things never seem to go my way. My heart is always being broken; I’m being rejected by others; and the worst case scenario becomes real.

This morning I found myself in a good mood. Then I took a shower, and I let my mind go. By time I got out of the shower, I had worked myself up so much that I was in tears. Nothing had changed except for the thoughts in my head. UGH! I was able to calm myself down, but why do I continue to put myself through this heartache? Why can’t I put my overactive imagination to use in a more positive and productive way? For now, I am just trying hard to busy my mind with activities and spending time with friends.

Day 10: 3 o’clock
Today I spent the 3 o’clock hour enjoying lunch with a good friend. Besides being a very tasty meal, it also helped restore some of my sanity. She reminded me that I needed to have faith. I should try not to allow my mind to wander off to dark places. Also, and most importantly, she made me feel normal. There is something wonderful about knowing that you aren’t the only person who has doubts and fears rejection. The heart is a fragile thing, and most of us have yet to learn how to switch our emotions on and off. So along with some leftover boar sausage pizza, I can rest easy this evening with this wisdom floating around in my head. Hopefully this wisdom will defeat all of the doubts that I have floating around in my head.



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