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Gray vs Grey

Day 16: Perfect


Nothing in life is perfect. Even as I look at these adorable townhouses and imagine the lives of the people inside, I am reminded that nothing is perfect.

Life is not perfect.

Life is mess and complicated and imperfect. Yet in all of that, we all struggle to make the “perfect” life for ourselves. It’s a daily struggle. There are days where I take several steps forward and more days where I take leaps back.

What makes a perfect life? It’s question that I don’t know how to answer. Elements of my “perfect” life appear to me, yet they fail to meet my expectations. Does this mean that I need to adjust my standards? Or does that mean that the element doesn’t belong in my life? Again, these are difficult questions that I don’t know how to answer.

My inner child wishes for a time when I could simply turn to my parents for the answers to these questions. The answers were black and white. Yet I’m beyond the black and white of life; I’m all gray. The answers aren’t so easy, and each one comes with pros and cons. The only peace comes from being able to accept the consequences of my decision. Being an adult is hard.

So continuing the weekly post of gratitude, I am grateful for friends who help me to keep things in perspective. They show me that it’s the journey to one’s “perfect” life that makes a life. They help me to think through the difficult decisions between gray and grey. They never tell me the answers, but they remind me who I am and that I am of value. Expressing my true gratitude for these dear friends who listen to me hour after hour is near impossible, though I continue to true.

As I continue to sort out gray vs grey, I am grateful for imperfect life and the perfect amount of support from my friends.


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