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It’s Easter!

Ah, Easter Sunday… And the end of March…where is the year going? Big holidays like Easter always make me think about my childhood and my family. ┬áLast year Easter fell … Continue reading

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Lazy spring day

It’s a lazy Saturday here. Lola spent much of the day sleeping on the sofa. Then we went for a long walk, and now she’s asleep in her chair. I’m … Continue reading

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Spiritual Health

It’s Easter Weekend, and I can’t help to think to about my spiritual health. The state of my spiritual health… It depends on who you ask, but in my opinion, … Continue reading

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Care Instructions

This week has definitely been one of those weeks when I have been feeling more introverted. Hmm…I don’t feel like talking/writing about it right now. Right now, I just want … Continue reading

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Lists. I like lists. The Huffington Post always seems to be promoting a new list. Some of my recent favorite lists — 35 Things I Wish I Had Done Before … Continue reading

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Silver linings

When it comes to healthy habits, we all hope for perfection. We want to eat completely healthy meals all the time. We want to exercise the right amount every day … Continue reading

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You can’t predict the weather or your life

This morning I woke up to snow. Yep, snow. Sure, it was in the forecast, but DC has been in the snow hole for the last year. Anyway, it was … Continue reading

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Sunday night breakdown

Distrustful Self-sabotage Fearful These are few words used this week to describe me. These words came from one of my best friends…who loves me. Talk about a punch in the … Continue reading

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Tea at home

It began innocently enough. I was walking out of then-Marshall Field’s on State Street when I saw it. Immediately I was drawn in. Maybe it was the logo or maybe … Continue reading

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Making water magic

Ode to my SodaStream… It’s so magical. It helps me to drink lots of water throughout the day. The sparkling water always feels like a special treat to me. Oh … Continue reading

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