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Holy cow, where did the first two months of 2013 go? I guess that the saying “time flies when you’re having fun” is true. January and February have been exciting, surprising and challenging for me. I feel like I continue to grow more and more every day. Life continues to present me with amazing opportunities to define and redefine myself. I am loving and hating it.

March is the last month of the first quarter for the 2013, and I decided that it was the perfect time to do a month long healthy body challenge for myself. This year has gotten off to an excellent start and I’m pleased with most of my success. However, I have decided that my fitness goals aren’t receiving all the energy that they deserve. Therefore March will be devoted to healthy habits challenge. Along with the previously outlined fitness goals, I’m going to add in some healthy eating habits.

Goals for the month…

  • 1.5 hr trainer once a week
  • spin class once a week
  • bar class once a week
  • food journal daily
  • water 32oz daily

The photo-a-day challenge will be centered around these new healthy habits too. Unlike the previous photo challenges, I’m selecting the topics each day.

Today’s topic: Preparation
I’m preparing for this month with a night of restorative yoga. It’s important to remember that rest is essential for growth. Work hard, then rest your mind, body and spirit.



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