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Measurable goals

It’s the beginning of the month, and I feel like I need to be able figure out a way to measure my success. March is about healthy habits for my body, mind and spirit.

Weighing myself daily or weekly isn’t really great for my mind or spirit. Yet, it is a great way to measure my success and failure.

Then again, there’s the measuring tape. People always say that muscle weighs more than fat, but muscle takes up less room. Taking my measurements is a gentler approach to my spirit.

3/3: Scale vs Measuring Tape



2 comments on “Measurable goals

  1. rrruther

    Don’t do either!!!!! I measure my successes by clothes. Every Friday I try on my goal clothes (clothes that I wish fit better or I wish I fit into…:P). I also take pictures of myself in a camisole and underwear so I can see long term results in my body!!!

    But if you have to opt measuring tape vs. weight…do the tape but do it in longer periods, maybe every 2 weeks!!!

    You’re gonna do great!!!…<3

    • Thanks for the advice. I’ll probably doing the clothes picture thing. I will only step on the scale once a month…if at all.

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