crossing the finish line

Operation: Battle the Head Cold

07:30 – Awake

07:45 – Sit up in bed and realize that my head is congested

07:55 – Lola wakes up

08:30 – Having walked and fed Lola, I take up camp on the sofa. The plan for day is to rest, drink lots of liquid and drugs.

12:35 – Lunch

12:45 – Make bet with friend about whether I will do any emotional cutting while resting on the sofa.

16:45 – Walk Lola and feed her again

18:30 – Spin class…it’s time to sweat out the cold!

19:20 – Send text demanding that my friend post on Facebook that I was “right” since I managed not to do any unhealthy thinking this afternoon.

19:45 – Shower and feed myself

21:00 – Finish writing blog

21:15 – Pre-bed knitting and planning for tomorrow

22:00 – Curl into bed…hopefully I will get a full night of sleep and will awake healthy.

3/3: Sweat

3/4: Sweat


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