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Skin Deep

Hmm…a facial. Is there anything more luxurious than a facial? This afternoon I spent an hour receiving a wonderful facial from Holistic Touch. It was the perfect end to a lovely day.

A facial might seem like something completely superficial to do, yet I believe that beauty treatments like this one nurture one’s soul. Beauty isn’t skin deep; it comes from your soul.

Whenever I look into the mirror, my face reflects the good and bad choices that I have made. Did I stay up too late? Dark circles and bags under my eyes. Did I overindulge in junk food? Acne bumps. Have I been worrying and stressing over things beyond on my control? Dull and dry skin all over.

A facial is a chance for me to reset myself. It’s a time for an objective third party to praise me for the good and alert me to the bad. Facials remind me that internal choices will be reflected on my face. It’s just another way that the universe has of telling me that I do not have a poker face.


What’s your favorite luxurious treat to yourself? Please share with me.


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