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No doubt…believe in happiness

I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’m waiting for someone to disappoint me or break my heart. This is no way to live. Putting these negative thoughts into universe will only bring me more negativity. Yet, the side of me filled with self-doubt still lives on. I wish that I could put it to sleep, and the positive optimistic side would always stay present in life.

Hmm…so I’m going to try a technique that worked for my parents when I was young, I’m going to tell Ms. Self-Doubt a bedtime story. Hopefully it will give her a sense of peace and security, and then she can rest knowing that I am protected.

Once upon lived a little girl who was so loved that she couldn’t imagine a bad thing ever happening. Her parents gave her unconditional support to explore and discover herself. They encouraged her to try new things and taught her that failure was just a new story to share with others. This little girl never doubted that her life wouldn’t be filled with happiness and love. She had a very simple philosophy about life — good things happen to good people.

Then one day everything in her life changed. Something bad happened to someone so good. It shook this little girl to her core. It sent her into a deep well of despair. People tried over and over to reach her, but they failed. They tried to pull up, but she slipped out of their hands. They tried to dig a tunnel to her, and it collapsed on them. It seemed like all hope was lost.

Then one very sunny day after months of rain, the earth moved. All of the loose soil from the digging began to fill the well and push the girl up. As the soil filled up the space, the girl got closer and closer to the sunlight. For the first time since the bad thing, she could feel the warm of the sun of her cheeks. She cried out for others to help. They were there in instant to the rescue the little girl.

Once she was out of the well of despair, the little girl realized that she was still there. While the people had rescued her from the physical well, she was the only one to rescue herself from her sadness. Having lost her philosophy, the little girl needed to reconnect with her connect and learn to believe in the good in the world. The big question was whether she could do it…she had survived the well of despair, so she could do anything.



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