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Weather and people

People and weather are very similar. As much as you try to predict the weather by past behavior, it can throw you for a loop. One day the sky can be filled with grey clouds with snow falling. Then the next day can be all sunny and 70 degrees.

People are the same way. I find myself trying to predict how someone will react based on his past behavior, but I’m only right half the time. My control-freak struggles with this unpredictability. I picked up this saying on a trip in London — there’s no such thing as bad weather just wrong clothes. Somehow this statement empowers me to be more “go with the flow” than I am with people. I guess that I’ll keep working on that.

Today’s picture was taking nearly three years ago on Easter Sunday along on the Tidal Basin. I love how beautiful the cherry blossoms look. Also I love sharing my photographs with others. April is dedicated to sorting through my digital photo albums and sharing my favorite images. I decided to expand my Project 365 this month to include old pictures. My biggest problem with digital photos is that I don’t seem to share them as much and as often as I did with paper photos. Anyway, I might slip in some new photos as the mood hits me too. Who know…I’m like the weather and somewhat unpredictable.



2 comments on “Weather and people

  1. knascar

    I totally know what you mean about photos. I’m obsessed with photography (in case you haven’t noticed) but since I never print my images, I kind of forget about them. Flickr is groovy and all, but it’s not the same. I also wholeheartedly agree with the “wrong clothes” statement. If a plan gets changed on me at the last minute, it takes me days and in some cases weeks to recover. Spontaneity is not my thing.

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