crossing the finish line

Why write? To post pictures of food?

A blank screen…

I spent much of today trying to figure out what to write about…

Then I started to wonder why am I writing this blog. It started as a project to see if I could actually start something and finish it. However, I have just kept going without a real purpose.

Sure, it’s nice to have another place to post pictures of food, drinks, and Lola outside of Facebook, Instagram, et al. However, there needs to be more meaning. Of course looking for meaning in my blog is like looking for meaning in my life. That’s too big to deal with tonight.

Tonight I’m staring at the list of my spring projects — cleaning out my digital photo libraries, scanning & archiving old family pictures, selling old purses and finally cleaning out my stacks of magazines. These are all big projects.

Where do I begin?

Can I complete them by April 30th?

Who knows…

Here’s what I do know…

Apples and cinnamon make wonderful infused water

Greek yogurt makes excellent yogurt cheese, which is a yummy snack with celery sticks

Cooking without a recipe is way more fun than I expected and pretty tasty too.

My hope of editing pictures on my iPad might not be possible

Here’s a picture of a yummy fruit salad with a honey-lime sauce and stuffed peppers with turkey and veggies.



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