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Another confession

It’s the end to another weekend.  Confession time!

It seems that Sunday night is a good time to admit a current fear or limitation.  It seems to help set my intention for the upcoming week.

Tonight’s confession: I’m scared to ride my bike.

I first realized that I’m nervous/fearful/anxious about riding my bike, while driving around today.  It was a perfect 72 degrees and sunny.  For the first time, I put the top down on the Mini.  It was wonderful.  I was watching people riding down the Mount Vernon Trail and Rock Creek Park.  I was completely jealous.

Ok, I know how to ride a bike.  I own a bike.  I have a helmet and all sorts of other accessories to make the ride very enjoyable. What’s stopping me?  I’m worried about looking silly or doing something “wrong.”

Those thoughts are insane and ridiculous.  Yet, the same thing that holds me back from pulling out my bike and going for a ride is what stops from doing so many things in my life.

What if I look silly trying to run a 5K?

What if I do something wrong while I’m learning a new language?

What if I look silly allowing myself to fall in love?

These feelings are normal and natural, at least that’s what my therapist might tell me. However, I’m tired of allowing them to hold me back from experiencing everything that life has to offer.

This picture was taken last year when I was test-riding my bike.  It’s so cute.



5 comments on “Another confession

  1. knascar

    I completely know what you mean. I had my bike for years and only rode it a couple of times. I had oodles of excuses – it was too hot, the paths were too busy, Arlington is too dang hilly, my seat isn’t the right height. What if you made a little goal/reward for yourself – like riding to a picnic at Iwo Jima or something?

    • Yes I think that I’m going to try that or something..,I hate the idea of it sitting there another spring/summer/fall.

      • knascar

        I also go through occasional 5k twitches. I’ve started the Couch-to-5K program a couple of times, but have never had a race I was aiming for specifically so I let myself demotivate. A good stepping stone might be walking a race. I was pleasantly surprised when I signed up for an 8K and a substantial number of people were walking the course (just line up in the back).

      • I actually signed up for a 5k in June so I need to get going.

      • knascar

        Finishing is the only thing that matters. Time and style points are merely bonuses.

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