crossing the finish line


Things that I should be doing…
Cleaning out magazines
Knitting baby blanket
Filing all the papers on the floor

Things that I want to do…
Knit leaf-shaped coasters
Make a Battenberg cake
Cuddle with Lola

Today has been one of my A.D.O.S. (attention deficit…oh shiny) days. There is a list of things that I must do, but they do not match what I want to do. Thankfully I am now able, at the age of 35, to behave like an adult and get half of my “must do” list done. Tomorrow I’ll tackle more.

In other news, spring has gone missing from the DC metro area. It was here over the weekend and then it vanished. If you see spring, please ask it to return. We’re happy to send summer, which had made an appearance today, to another city. Thanks!



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