crossing the finish line

What do you do with a broken heart?


Patriots Day 2013 will always be in the hearts and minds of the citizens of Boston and the entire United States.

After hearing about the horrible events associated with the Boston marathon, I felt heartbroken. In an instance, the lives of thousands have been changed forever. It will take time for us to learn the how and why of these tragic events. For now, we can only take care of the victims and search for the culprits.

As I write this, I can say that I don’t know anyone directly affected by these events. However life has taught me that you never know when the ripple for one event will affect you. For now, I take one lesson — life is short. Yes, we have all said this statement before, but events like today’s in Boston are painful reminders.

My head has been filled with the longing to start a few new projects. Yet as always, fear holds me back. The same questions come up over and over again. It’s an ongoing battle for me. Yet, the crazy world that we live in now provides a constant reminder that my fears are so minor. My fears are feeling silly, being rejected or failing. Of course, all really great ideas begin with someone worrying about all three of there things.

So once again, a tragic event will propel me forward. I will send my thoughts and prayers to the victims, their families and friends. Yet I will see the bigger picture — life is short; crazy people are out there; I must live fully and boldly.

And a sweet message for all of us in this wickedly crazy world…



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