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A dangerous magazine/An ode to Cooks Illustrated

All I want to do right now is play in my kitchen. I want to bake bread, make a breakfast strata and whip up homemade ginger ale.

I blame Cook’s Illustrated.

For reasons beyond my understanding, I have not previously be a reader of this magazine. It always seemed a bit too technical for me. It isn’t filled with glossy pictures and page after page of ads. Now I love it for those reasons. It’s wonderful to read an article that explains why I should cook or bake a certain way. It offers me a chance to be successful on the first attempt.

Alas, I’ll be spending my weekend out and about with wonderful people. My only kitchen joy will come from the latest issue of Cook’s Illustrated. Next week, I’ll be forcing all sorts of baked goods and yummy dishes.



One comment on “A dangerous magazine/An ode to Cooks Illustrated

  1. tamikadoubell

    hehehe! I absolutely agree with the fact that because it doesnt have advertising and glossy pics all over the place i love books like this! I am digging the ipad, haha. Nice snap and great post! I love your blog!! Pls do visit mine at

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