crossing the finish line


It’s been a good day. Even with my visit to the dentist, it’s been quite a lovely day.

Here’s what I did…

1. Made blueberry muffins and started a batch of ginger ale(more to come on that in 48hours):


2. Made my first loaf of bread:

3. Started a breakfast strata

4. Created my new favorite salad — Salmon with Sriracha and lime on a bed of Asian shredded veggies


Additionally I started a new batch of my new favorite snack — Greek yogurt cheese — which should be ready in a 24 to 36 hours.

A day in the kitchen is always awesome to me. I’m find peace there. Even with the uncertainty of trying out a new recipe, it’s easy for me to be in the kitchen. I’m happy there….and now I’m exhausted. Tomorrow will soon arrive and I’ll get to bake the strata. Alas that will be my only kitchen adventure, since I really must attend to a few other projects. ::sigh:: At least, I had today, and I might have another day soon too.


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