crossing the finish line

Ah Friday

It’s Friday again.

Yay! Yay?

I’m finding myself feeling a bit lukewarm about the end of another week. This week has been pretty good. It was a productive week in many ways. After a week of traveling, it’s good to settle back into my life.

What’s next?

After spending an inspiring day with the other co-authors from Women on Fire Book 2, I can’t help but think that I need to do more. It happens to me after every Women on Fire event. Yet, I’m at a lost.

Soul-searching adventure?

More than anything, I want to run away from my life and go on an adventure. However, I have commitments that tie me down. Also I worry that running away doesn’t solve anything. It feels good, but I’m still lost. Then again, maybe I’m stuck because I need a fresh perspective. Hmm…this is another one of those times that I really miss my mom. She always gave me such great advice.

Hmm…maybe it’s a case of the mean reds. I don’t know. I’m going to bed and beginning fresh in the morning.

A picture of my mom and I at a “Meet Santa” breakfast in 1982. Life was so much easier then, though I still do not understand why my mom put my initials on everything that I wore.



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