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Joys of living in DC

Living in DC has many advantages and disadvantages.

One advantage: There is no shortage of activities to do regardless of weather — sunny, rainy, or anything else.

One disadvantage: The number of tourists that visit the city lowers your ability to tolerate them, so you don’t do most of the wonderful things in DC.

Today a good friend and I decided to break out of routine and do something new. It was a great idea with success and a few hiccups.

The day began by making the quick drive into the city from Alexandria. Because it was Sunday morning, there was little traffic to face. Yet after crossing the Potomac River, we realized that had a new challenge — a half-marathon race. It seems that both of had forgotten about the marathon that was occurring through the city.

This hiccup made our plan of paddleboating a bit more challenging. We ended up parking much farther away than we planned. Yet, we looked on the bright side — it was a lovely spring morning.

Paddleboating was smooth sailing, sort of. We quickly discovered one of the secrets of paddleboating — backwards is WAY better.

After playing around in the Tidal Basin, it was time for brunch. Trying to continue our theme of breaking our routine, we decided to go and check out Union Market, by way of the Tulip Library.

Union Market is one of those plans that most tourists would never find. Tucked it between the food warehouses, it’s a large industrial space filled with several different eateries. And on a mild spring day, it’s the perfect place to grab a bite and sit outside. It was the perfect end to our morning adventure.

Having spent the morning enjoying a couple of new and forgotten spots, both my friend and I agree that we loved living in DC, and we should make more of an effort to enjoy the city.



2 comments on “Joys of living in DC

  1. knascar

    I’ve heard of Union Market but never been there (obviously!). Is it worth tracking down?

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