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One for one

When I was growing up, my mom had a rule — if you brought something new into the house, then you were suppose to take something old out.

It was a good rule, but truth be told, she didn’t always follow it and neither do I. However I have decide to work on that. I have been doing a lot of shopping, so it’s time to clean out the closet.

Hmm…organizing the closet.

The awesome thing about cleaning and organizing my closet is control. I love control. It’s something that I have share over and over on this blog.

Right now I’m feeling a bit out of control. Recently it was decided that the guy and I would head out to Reno to visit my best friend. I had thought about making a trip out for a weekend visit, but the guy was not originally part of the plan. However he said that he wanted to meet my best friend and that he would make time in schedule to go. Sounds like a good thing, right? Well in my head, I’m completely worried. I question whether I have made the right decision about inviting him. There are so many things that are undecided and unspoken about our relationship. I feel like I still don’t know enough about his life. I haven’t met his friends. I question so much about “us.”

Ugh!! Thank goodness for my closet. I can throw myself into the sorting and organizing of my closet and yarn stash along with preparing my photos for archiving and going through magazines.



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