crossing the finish line


Let’s keep it simple tonight, here are a few things bringing me joy.

The morning began with this surprise encounter with these beautiful blooms. It was like they were alerting me to the wonderful day ahead.


Then it was off to my appointment with my trainer. Most of the time my trainer kicks my butt so much that I hate him. Today was one of those days. However I was happy that he shared some of all-natural health snack bars, which I must pick up from Whole Foods. Plus I was proud of myself for following up my 30min training session with 30min of intervals on the treadmill. Good times…well, it was good workout.


And finally, I had a productive day working on various projects at home. Lola provided her usual level of help. It’s really wonderful that she is so cute because she is completely useless for anything other than cuddling.


So, I’m preparing to take my down comforter and duvet cover in for its seasonal cleaning, yet Lola doesn’t seem to understand. I’m pretty sure that she thinks that this is just another bed for her. Spoiled puppy.



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