crossing the finish line


Need is such a subjective word.

There are our physical needs — food, shelter, water — but our emotional needs shouldn’t be overlooked.

Everyone has different emotional needs.

My emotional needs come down to a few words — inspiration, patience, reassurance and love. Without these four things, I can not survive in the world.

Lucky for me, these emotional needs have always been readily available to me from my family and friends. Yet, if I am honest, they haven’t been enough. I’m not suggesting that my family and friends should do more for me, but instead they should do less. I need to be able to better meet my emotional needs.





As I continue to work through our old family photos, I can’t help, but feel so far away from the younger version of myself. The little girl in the pictures has so much moxie, sassy, and a fearlessness to her that I can’t help but envy.

I can keep wondering —

When did I lose that?

When did I decide that I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, or just “enough”?

Some place between being a spunky 7 year old and now, I lost the ability to inspire myself, to be patient with myself, to reassure myself and to love myself.

It would be unfair to blame others, though I imagine external forces played a role in my developed, but I am the only one to blame. I am the one who chooses what I am and who I will be.

It’s time for me to be more like this audacious Michelle.



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