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We’re off to Mexico

This week I’m off to Mexico for a beach vacation. As a gift for myself, I have decided to leave most technology behind in the US. I’m only taking my … Continue reading

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Conflicted feelings

I find myself conflicted about the Olympics.  I am both jealous of those who are there and relieved that I’m not there.  London is one of my ALL-TIME favorite cities. … Continue reading

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Words of Wisdom

“What another person thinks of you is never of your business.” — My dad Whenever I comment that I am affected about what someone else thinks about me, my dad … Continue reading

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Chaos before Order

The one thing that is always true for my life is that order only comes after chaos. Chaos That’s what I currently feel about my life right now.  Things are … Continue reading

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Running on reserve power

My life is in transition.  As happy as I am with many aspects of my life, it’s time for some major changes.  No life is every perfect, but I know … Continue reading

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Yes…it is hard for me to stop shopping

I love shopping.  It might have come up once or twice or a million times on this blog.  I.Love.Shopping. Shopping has always been a part of my life.  It’s one … Continue reading

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15 minute Pledge

It’s been over month since I made the pledge to spend 15 minutes a day in my favorite chair. In the last month, I have….FAILED! Now, I could totally beat … Continue reading

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On this day

Foursquare is a silly app. It takes advantage of the features of smart phones and makes it sort of a game. I love getting points for checking into new places … Continue reading

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Making a new knitter

  So after 8 weeks of watching me knit, I have helped to make a new knitter.  YAY!  My friend Sawyer has given knitting another chance after trying it back … Continue reading

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The lesson of knitting

One of the greatest lesson knitting teaches me is patience.  Knitting a scarf, sock, or sweater takes time and commitment.  The process of knitting a pair of socks isn’t about … Continue reading

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