crossing the finish line

Air travel

Ugh!! Today is one of those days when I hate flying. One delayed flight meant that we would miss our second flight. So we were put on a completely different … Continue reading

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Hmm…do I…

When I made the commitment to write daily, it was a test of my ability to commit to something and see it through to the end. My commitment was for … Continue reading

29/05/2013 · 2 Comments


Low: Stepping on a piece of glass which decided to embed itself in my foot…then I got to spend some time at urgent care. 😦 High: Going to the dentist. … Continue reading

28/05/2013 · 1 Comment

One of those days

Have you ever felt like you know what direction you should be headed with your life, but the idea of following that instinct scared you?? That’s the best way to … Continue reading

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Making a princess…princess cake

In small ways I find myself doing things that I watched my mom do as I grew up. Saturday mornings were her time to bake and cook all sorts of … Continue reading

26/05/2013 · 19 Comments

9 hours

No time… Must knit… 9 hours of knitting left!! Oh, today’s picture for the theme of “Us” — my sweet puppy laying on my lap this morning.

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It’s the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, but it doesn’t feel like it. It’s cold and rainy here in the nation’s capital. Still, my friends and I headed to our … Continue reading

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Good night moon… Good night stars Good night world It’s bedtime for me

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Confession time… I have bad time management skills. Thankfully, I usually have more time than I need to accomplish anything. It’s ok if I start a project and lose 4 … Continue reading

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I care about this…

There are so many ways to finish that statement, but today I have been thinking about my friends. Actually I have been thinking about one specific friend. He has made … Continue reading

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