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One Day

In the past 24 hours…. -a massive thunderstorm blew through the DC metro area with winds up to 80mph -more than 3 million people were left without power -at least … Continue reading

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Of course there’s a show-tune in my head

Stupid Les Miserables Stupid “One Day More”  UGH!! So tomorrow afternoon the play that I wrote will be performed for the first time with actresses, lights, sound and everything.  People … Continue reading

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Show opens in 2 days… Must remain calm!! Can’t freak out!!

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Find the joy

Some days are just hard, even when there are good days. Today is one of those days. What can I say? I’m tired. I’m exhausted. Every discussion feels like a … Continue reading

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Fashion at Wimbledon

The players are required to wear all white at Wimbledon.  While that might seem boring, many players have managed to add their own flair.

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The Tennis

Yes, THE TENNIS. Today is the first full day of the The Championships, Wimbledon (aka The Tennis).  It’s my favorite tennis tournament all year.  It combines my love of England … Continue reading

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Today’s Daydream: Singapore

Two years ago I went to Singapore.  It was hot, humid and amazing.  The trip marked the first time that I traveled truly alone.  I didn’t go with the plan … Continue reading

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In a few words…

In a few words… you can change someone’s mood you can change someone’s day you can change someone’s life There is great power in a small number of words… In … Continue reading

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It’s 11:40

Ok, I can’t fully think right now. It’s been a stressful 36 hours. I’m finishing my first meal in 2 days. It’s a long story. Ok…night world.

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Stranger Danger

Why can’t we play to my strengths please? Right now we’re in the midst of promoting our play, The Hair Chronicles.  This is a hard, near impossible, task for me. … Continue reading

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