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In vino veritas

In wine [there is the] truth  Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival is my favorite time of year at Walt Disney World.  The World Showcase becomes populated with more “countries” … Continue reading

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Lessons from political campaigns, part 2

Perfection is impossible; anything less than perfection is intolerable. This statement was heard around the headquarters of the first campaign I ever worked full time on.  It was the motto … Continue reading

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Bad ass in a shell??

A shot of expresso Scotch straight up A shot of tequila …these are a few of my favorite drinks. I often like to think of myself as a bad ass … Continue reading

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Did I miss the class on the dating rules?

During my teen years, boys did not occupy much of my thoughts. Boys were mere flights of fancy. I had declared pretty early on that I didn’t want to be … Continue reading

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Hello universe…

Sometimes you start to cry and you can’t stop. You can’t identify the reason or how to make it stop. It just flows out of you. That was me yesterday. … Continue reading

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Just write

I have been feeling stuck… Stuck in fear, stuck in uncertainty, just completely stuck. This morning Jamie and I had a wonderful conversation, and I shared with her my current … Continue reading

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Madonna concert

Ok, today has been filled with cleaning and now a Madonna concert. Tomorrow will be more interesting…promise!

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This year there’s banana bread

This year has been one of changes. The changes have been both external and internal; small and big; easy and hard. Most of the changes have been self-motivated, and I … Continue reading

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Two birthday parties, two plane flights

4:30am – Wake up, shower & get dressed 5:30am – Leave for the airport 6:50am – First flight: DCA –>;;;;;;; ATL 10am – Hanging with one of my oldest and … Continue reading

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Stupid vs Vulnerable

My choice of words is often very negative towards myself.  In a conversation with someone, I can say three sentences celebrating my creativity, intelligence, and uniqueness, and then I will … Continue reading

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