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What would Eleanor Do: Serenity Now!

I’m a control freak. I probably came out of the womb trying to plan things and change plans. Anyway, I spent much of the day obsessing and freaking about things … Continue reading

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What would Eleanor Do: New challenges

Today was a big day for me.  It might not be a huge step for others, but it was an important step for me.  You see, today I ran a … Continue reading

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What would Eleanor Do: Making the commitment

Another day of travel means that I have really done anything scary today. I did commit to running outside tomorrow with one of my friend. Running outside will be a … Continue reading

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What would Eleanor Do: Oscars!!

It’s Oscar Day!!! Hehe!! This is my Super Bowl. I honestly didn’t do anything that scared me today. Today has just been quiet. Tomorrow’s a new day! 5 days down, … Continue reading

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What would Eleanor Do: It’s 1993 Again

Right now, I’m still in Reno. One of the great joys of old friends is how well they know you and how they help you figure out things. My friend … Continue reading

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What would Eleanor Do: Opening my heart

Hmm…today has been somewhat challenging. It’s been challenging in that I haven’t really had an opportunity to do something scary. The day was mainly spent flying from DC to Reno … Continue reading

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What would Eleanor Do: Ask for what you want

I decided that the best path for me for the next 40 days was to follow the advice of Eleanor Roosevelt. It seems like a natural way to attack my … Continue reading

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Careful what you wish for

I began this year with the hope that things would be much more than they had been.  I hoped that I would find my “muchness.” Well…it seems to be happening. … Continue reading

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Do you think that the phoenix is afraid of the burning?

Today is a strange day. I started off the day in good spirits and yet I’m ending it was so much anxiety and fear. I’m trying very hard to process … Continue reading

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Bad Idea Bears?!?

What’s the difference from a bad idea and taking a risk? This question has comes up for me a lot over the last few months. As I try to break … Continue reading

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